My way to success: Coachings with Jürgen Reis

English Testimonial ... Power und Inspiration für alle via Peak-Athlet Stefan Kawalla
Redaktion: Stefan Kawalla (Testimonial) und Andreas Winder (Bericht)

Folgender Bericht, direkt aus der „Schreibstube“ eines Englischlehrers, welcher auch mehrere Monate in den USA lebte, erreichte uns im Frühjahr 2011. Die Fotos zeigen den Peak-Athleten Stefan Kawalla „in Action“!


Coachings with Jürgen Reis
by Stefan Kawalla

The Incentive
It all started when I got sick too often. Even though I ate healthy and well, lots of vegetables and fruit, and exercised three to four times a week in the gym, I came down with the flu and other maladies way too often.

After having read Power Quest 2 and applied the "Kämpfer-X-Split" and Warrior Diet 2.0, I felt better, fitter, and more energetic. Still, my immune system wasn't on top. Despite these factors, nutrition enhancements, and enough sleep - guess what - the flu hit me twice in a time of only two months, even disrupting my first week on a new job.

The Goals
Reading books, reading blogs, reading message boards - nothing made me feel the way I wanted to feel: Strong, fit, well-balanced, healthy, hardened, tough and more energetic than ever before!

The Solution
I came to the only conclusion that made sense if I wanted to improve my well-being long-term: Getting a coach! But not just any coach. I wanted the very best of the best. One to guide me in the right direction, not imbue his personality and lifestyle on mine. I wanted a coach who respects my wishes but pushes me harder to fulfill them. And I wanted a coach who lives what by he says, who stands for the things he proclaims and does, and who is by himself the best example of what applying his methods means. It had to be the one I have heard great things about, and listened to his voice hundreds of times on his most compelling podcasts - Austrian World Cup climber and strength coach Jürgen Reis.

First Contact
After the first short contact and getting to know each other, I came into the position of being Jürgen’s English coach. Not only did we mail in English, our phone coachings and voicemails were also held solely in English. My intention was to make Jürgen aware of his mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, and especially pronunciation while he put most of his efforts in making me a better me.
In terms of understanding, Jürgen and I had to overcome a few obstacles which were more or less based on a little bit of over-enthusiasm on his side. Everything was meant well but I had to give him my point-of-view and criticism straight forward. That's when it started to work!
Now how well is Jürgen able to understand my demands and respond to them adequately? In fact, very well. His thrive to become a better person in most of his skills doesn't stop when it comes to English. By correcting him about mistakes he made in coachings, podcasts, and texts, he became more and more aware of his shortcomings and actively got rid off (most of) them. His directions and information was always clear-cut and well-described. I had never encountered major lacks of communication when it came to getting me in the right direction.

The Outcome
From my personal experience, I want to tell you what has changed so far in my life as a teacher and athlete. My primary intention was to boost my immune system which, since changing my old way of the Warrior Diet, has only suffered once after a bad airplane-meal. I have toughened my skin and you know, as a teacher I am in contact with many people and kids who transport the most miserable amount of bacteria and germs. ;)
Concerning Training, my first idea was to get a nicely-written workout routine from Jürgen, work hard to become a better athlete, transform my body, and stay lean. I had no idea that it would be me who was doing a lot of theory and thinking to get these goals in motion. I had to read, listen, and most importantly take time to rethink everything and apply it to aspects of my life. It took me about three to four weeks of the above-mentioned procedure to come up with a great workout routine which showed Jürgen that I understood what he had in mind for me. THIS is THE way to understand how stuff works and make it permanent. I am glad I chose someone as emotional and sometimes even a little bit annoying (in a positive, motivating way) as Jürgen as my coach.

What about Jürgen’s progress?
If you want to check out Jürgen’s progress, do yourself a favor and download podcasts #136 and the newest of his three interviews with Ronnie Coleman at #282. First listen to the older one and then pay attention to the major improvement in Jürgen’s English in #282. Just keep in mind that Jürgen still had a small case of the heebie-jeebies when talking to a big-shot like 8 times Mr. O. Also listen to the interview with Pavel Tsatsouline (Podcast #250). Not only it is highly informational and entertaining, but also does it show you how Jürgen acts in a natural English environment. Even though it sometimes hurts my English-loving ears when Jürgen makes grammar or pronunciation mistakes, I am positively sure that making him aware of it will change these flaws over short or long.
On the whole, language is not a barrier, it is a way of transporting valuable knowledge, and not a single missing irregular verb or preposition can change this. In my point of view, Jürgen has the ability to communicate in English without greater limitation, despite his ginormous accent. ;)
Just remember: He is working on it. And he will be working for you. Hard! If you want him to.

And how about you?
In case you are a native speaker or able to speak English and you are interested in having THE strength coach per se - who can also give you valuable advice on nutrition and mental power - I highly recommend Jürgen Reis. Just be aware that this is not an easy path. You are encouraged to work for your goals and process the information being given to you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but the distance remains for you to overcome.

Stefan Kawalla

P.S. Another, English written, amazing statement of another client of Jürgen you can find at Oliver Klettners Testimonial: Coaching Sessions with Austrian Climber Jürgen Reis.

Anm. d. Red.: Unser, wie immer am Ende solch überzeugender Texte, XX-kurzes, letztes Wort zu diesem Statement: THANK YOU Stefan. Jürgen erzählte mir von einem Trainingslager im Sommer 2011 mit dir als A-Team-Peak-Athlet, welches du bereits fix gebucht hast. Wir freuen uns somit riesig, dich bald in Peak-Country begrüßen zu dürfen! Weitere Testimonial-Statements findet ihr unter folgendem Direktlink:


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