(I've Had) The Time of my life

Exklusiver USA-Reisebericht von Jürgen Reis
Redaktion: Sonja Walper

Alle sind wieder sicher und glücklich gelandet! Unsere Newsletter-Abonnenten wissen natürlich bescheid: Jürgen Reis war bei Clarence Bass, unsere weibliche Power-quest.cc Topredakteurin Eva Pinkelnig in Atlanta und natürlich: Der in Sachen "Arnold Schwarzenegger Briefmission" Peak-Athlet des Jahres 2008, Sebastian Wedell war nach Venice Beach, Kalifornien ausgeflogen. Alle drei sind voll motiviert, fit und gesund wieder zurück aus dem Land der unendlichen Möglichkeiten! Und natürlich: Das "Power-Trio" hatte eine geniale Zeit, ja ein echtes Sommermärchen erlebt, was wohl auch in den Podcasts 123, 124 & 128 überzeugend zu hören ist! Auch Power-Quest.cc Mitinitiator Dominik Feischl berichtet auf Podcast 124 von seinem anstrengenden, aber erfüllenden Trainingslager in einem "Tiroler Shaolinkloster".

Direktlink zu den Interviews: www.Power-Quest.cc

Und Jürgen konnte es als Autor natürlich nicht lassen: Bereits in den USA, direkt am PC von Clarence Bass griff er fleißig in die Tasten und lieferte spannende Reiseberichte aus erster Hand, direkt aus Albuquerque. Da auch einige, unserer Freunde aus Übersee und seine Coaches Jürgens Reisebericht natürlich sehr interessiert, wurde dieser, der Einfachheit halber, von vornherein in Englisch verfasst - viel Spaß beim "kostenlosen Sprachkurs via jürgenreis.com-Newsletter" -). Alle Fotos stammen übrigens direkt aus den USA. Viel Spaß!

You-Tube-fit mit fast 71?

P.S. Eine Nachricht aus New Mexico, die uns in letzter Minute vor dem Versand dieses Newsletters erreichte ... Na klar doch – ALLES GEHT! Nicht nur das Motto in unserem Redaktionsteam, sondern auch beim Mr. Past 40. Modernste Technik und Topaktuelle Medien dürfen sein. Den Beweis liefert der rüstige Power-Coach unter folgendem Link! Unser Tipp für alle Leser, die sich – wofür auch immer – als „zu alt“ entschuldigen wollen ;-)

(I've Had) The Time of my life

Austrian Climber Jürgen Reis visits Land of Enchantment in July 2008 the second time

You know the text of the very first headline...? For sure: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=5VSuCtebBT0 but NO – don’t get me that far. I LOVE to be a single, even when Bryan Bowker, a friend of Clarence told me another advice ... but STOP! You will read everything in this article. But one step after the other, as in "pretty dancing" ;-)

A competition break offered me this summer THAT ONE CHANCE: a second visit to my mentor, coach, friend ... sorry, hard to make the right choice ;-) … Clarence Bass and, for sure - his "first Lady" Carol in Albuquerque.

Everything went really fast. In the end an E-Mail got lost, but after a telephone call I had the "official final OK" by Clarence and my flight was booked and only a few time was left to get my baggage ready. Including of course training-, Climbing- and other "strange equipment" the US Customs was puzzled about.

"And Mr. Reis, why do you stay only for a week at your friend...", was the final question the customs officer asked in Atlanta. "Now ... if I train longer than that with Clarence, we both will be in a very dangerous stage to destroy each other!". He laughed and just agreed: "Welcome to America Jürgen!". And the adventure took it’s beginning in the last week of July 2008.

A summer week with a new adventure almost every minute!

It was just an incredible "sports holiday". Top of all: Living in one house with Carol and Clarence. Like in winter 2007 I was really fascinated by this 24 hours Sports- and LIFE-passionated style of being. Every day was like a competition in another discipline for me: Countless workouts in Clarences basement and for sure in the famous "Ripped Headquarters" were shuffled with running- and bike trips, with a Coachie and friend of the "Mr. Past 40": Bryan Bowker. He also gave me an exciting interview for our German Podcast (for sure in English). I will keep you up to date, as soon as it is online. Or watch out yourself for Podcast Nr. 130.

In the Highlands above Albuquerque I felt myself with my running shows or on the mountain-bike right like riding in "Bonanza"! But his advice to think about a family...? I Really hope, I do not disappoint you too much within the next years Bryan, but my plans ... also in Albuquerque ... I simple did not have a single minute to get on with "other thoughts" ... because the very next day ...

Hard Training - perfect lifestyle and ... 100% SPIRIT!

One of the highlights for sure: Another trip to the Stone Age Climbing Centre. Same as 1 ½ years before: a perfect atmosphere between really friendly but also serious and hard training climbers. THANKs again to the crew for inviting me as a guest climber.

The "supporting programme"? Well, Carol and Clarence were always concerned that I would get bored. Certainly the absolute opposite was true ... but ;-) ... lots of highly interesting books and studies, films, exciting and top level discussions about training, nutrition, mental approaches, etc. and a couple of little trips to local highlights made this week just unforgettable.

Personal Coachings ... right from the very first hand of a Mr. Past 40!

Certainly I also was able to improve my own training. With his decades of experiences, my coach could offer me always valuable advices right at the workouts. What better chance for an absolutely perfect coaching. So I also started to write down some new concepts and ideas, right on the "Bass-PC" as in Winter 2007 when my third book was getting reality... but back on track: One more absolute highlight? For sure! Clarence gave me another interview... but this is a different story and I promised him to let some time pass by ... Ay ay Sir ;-)

So THANK YOU Clarence for all the spirit you already set free in Winter 2007, when you said "Go for it! You know, you can make it real!". After my return, restructuring my whole business plan as a self-employed IT-specialist, I certainly felt a little bit insecure in the beginning. But first of all: excited and motivated to every (climbing)finger ;-). And so I went for it all: I put 100% focus to my own climbing career and my "sports business", including coachings and seminars beside my books. The very best climbing result followed in Summer 2007 and instead of one book as planned I wrote two of them (Peak-Time and Power-Quest - you can get them on www.peak-prinzip.com unfortunately at the moment only in German). Also the Podcast, founded with my friend Dominik Feischl in autumn 2007 became an incredible successful project.

Now, after the second stay, not only my way has been "confirmed" by Clarence and Carols absolutely positive sports- and life-motivating ways of living. The "Summer of my life" ... switched on an "Afterburner" in my enthusiasm. I felt it from the very first day, I returned to Austria... now it is time to get Over the Top ;-) - Clarences spirit and motivation put me right to the next level again - not only with regard to my sport!


Enjoy your life!

Jürgen Reis

P.S. Two exclusive interviews with Clarence Bass on our Internet Podcast you can find at www.Power-Quest.cc (watch out for Podcast Nr. 7 and Nr. 91).


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