DAS Testimonial … Oliver Klettner, ein echter Shaolin-Kampfsportler schreibt!

Ein knallhartes, absolute überzeugendes 100%-Athletenherz-Fighter-Statement zu Jürgens Coachings!
Redaktion: Oliver Klettner (Testimonial) und Andreas Winder (Bericht)

Folgender Bericht, direkt aus Oliver Klettners englischsprachigem BLOG, erreichte uns im Januar mit einer gleichzeitigen freundlichen Genehmigung. Nämlich der Freigabe, diesen nun auch direkt via JürgenReis.com Newsletter freizugeben! Here we go! Die Fotos zeigen Oliver Klettner „in Action“!

Coaching Sessions with Austrian Climber Jürgen Reis

Over the course of the last couple of weeks I had the honor to speak and write with professional climber Jürgen Reis. If you don’t know him, imagine a western version of Bruce Lee. Jürgen is shredded to the bone with rock hard muscles that are definitely not just show-no-go. Being a climber, he performs one arm chins and other impressive feats of strength. You should also check out the various books he wrote (for example on amazon) and his awesome weekly podcast show (which he initiated together with the super strong Dominik Feischl) called power-quest.cc (http://www.power-quest.cc/), where he and Dominik have interviewed not only the crème de la crème of the strength & fitness world (you’ll find the Evil Russian Pavel Tsatsouline in even 2 Interviews as well as Scott Abel, Clarence Bass, Ronny Coleman, Marty Gallagher, Dexter Jackson and Ori “Mr. Warrior Diet” Hofmekler himself,… and many more) but also loads of experts in various sports disciplines like gymnasts, martial arts (Former Austrian Karate World Champion Daniel Devigili and a Shaolin monk!!!) and plenty of outstanding weightlifting champs as well as their coaches. As you can see, there’s something for everybody and the best thing is that it’s completely for free.

Going back to my original topic, I have been in contact with Jürgen for some time now and he offered to help me with my training and nutrition and for sure to get rid of my triceps injury that happened and I also mentioned on a former Blog. The personal consulting per Telephone happened straight forward. We made an appointment and he called me up at the arranged time and I really enjoyed the high valuable information of this experienced Pro-Athlete and Coach in every minute of the call. Obviously, this was a huge honor as Jürgen has learned from the greatest in the field and, what’s even more important, he has applied all this knowledge in his own training and nutritional strategies.

When looking at his pictures and videos, it’s easy to see that Jürgen walks the walk, and in a very impressive way that is. You will also notice his expertise in the success he has with his clients. But be aware! Jürgen’s way is NOT an easy one! You will for sure learn quickly, that there is no “quick fix” and that it takes more than desire to be really successful in achieving your individual goals. But that is, what I want. And I hope, that’s, what you are also looking towards to! So, to get exceptional results like him or his clients, one, of course, needs to invest exceptional discipline paired with an intelligent and well-planned training and nutritional system. Also you, maybe will find yourself requisitioning, as I did, if lifestyle, the way of active recovery, sleeping habits etc. are really according a 100% to the goals in sports and health. Well I did and in Short: Like me, I am sure you’ll definitely get all the information you need to succeed and follow thru in the long run!

I’ve mentioned in the past, that I really admire guys like Dominik Feischl, Farmer Karl Humer ;), Steve Maxwell and Alexander Lechner for their openness in sharing information. Jürgen Reis is the same. Whenever I talk with him my brain gets “loaded” with so much new stuff and insider tips that I’m thinking of connecting my external hard drive to my head ;)

Anyways, Jürgen is getting quite famous in the international training scene these days (and actually, as I write these lines, he is training one on one with Clarence Bass! Check out http://www.cbass.com/JurgenReis.htm to get some further information about his 3rd travel to his mentor!), and is pretty busy with various client requests from many different places. Also because of his limited “Coaching Team” and the time he is able to spend for this activity, beside his other project, as well as his still active Worldcup-Climber career I just say: If you want get the chance to learn from him, I highly recommend that you take this opportunity and improve yourself! One of his German Clients, Sebastian Wedell, who managed to lose over 26 pounds of bodyfat, while gaining the same amount of lean muscle in only 12 months (!) with Jürgens guidance, quoted in a Podcast: “It is your choice, to take the country road or the Highway!” This is, a well as for him as for me, for sure true, for the consultation by Jürgen. If you find yourself watching out for excuses about costs and/or effort it would take, just think about the years, you might have already spent, only finding “Treadmills to nowhere” … for free. Maybe, I am really enthusiastic about coaching, but I would not like to miss a minute I spent in China, training with the Shaolin monks, even though, it for sure took time and money. The same is true for the Telephone consultations, I had with Jürgen.

You’ll find additional information on his homepage: http://www.juergenreis.com/
Moreover, here are two interesting direct Links: http://www.juergenreis.com/coaching (direct information about the consultations) and http://www.juergenreis.com/success (many highly informative articles about the clients he already had on the phone as well as being his guests in personal training camps, including the aforementioned Sebastian Wedell)

Oliver Klettner

PS: As many of you know, I’m a big fan of simplicity in my training and nutrition, here’s one tip I got from Jürgen that was really, really eye-opening and so true: “You have to be strong to train strength” Think about it and what it means to your training in the past or at the moment. I’m sure, for the ones who “get it”, it will be a pearl of wisdom.

Der Originalbericht, wie Oliver ihn auf seinem, nicht nur für Kampfsportler, äußerst lesenswerten BLOG veröffentlichte, findet ihr unter folgendem Direktlink: http://springysteel.blogspot.com/2011/01/coaching-sessions-with-austrian-climber.html

Unser XX-kurzes, letztes Wort zu diesem Statement: Xièxie“ also Chin. DANKE Oliver! Wir sind sicher, für Coachies deines Kalibers, wird Jürgen auch in Zukunft IMMER einen Platz in seinem A-Coaching-Team frei haben.
Testimonial-Statements en Masse direkt von Jürgens Coachies findet ihr unter folgendem Direktlink: www.juergenreis.com/success

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